Year 2017 Calendar

Biblical Dates Are Underlined
New moons are noted on the day seen after sunset in the continental United States,
and are dates of expected sightings; moons are confirmed
by actual sightings. (See New Moon Report)
Dates of Annual High Days are based on these expected moons.
This calendar is based on the Abib moon being the first new moon after the Vernal Equinox.

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To believers in Messiah, he is our Passover Lamb.  For many of us, he is believed to have died on Abib 14 (4th day of the week that year)
 and to have risen on Abib 17 (7th day of the week that year).

The first fruits wave sheaf offering that year would have been on the 18th, the day after the weekly Sabbath, in keeping with the commandment of Leviticus 23:11.
Many of us also believe that Messiah was the first fruits offering of humanity, presenting himself to Yahweh on that day, the day after that weekly Sabbath.

With the date reference being on a different day of the week each year,  the above day / date relationship occurs only once every 7 years, therefore:

this calendar reflects that first fruits would always occur on the day after the weekly Sabbath that follows the resurrection day. Resurrection day being 3 days after Passover.

Remaining months to be added as completed

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